Exploring Advanced Shooting Techniques at Salt Lake City Gun Range

Welcoming novice and experienced shooters alike, the Salt Lake City Gun Range is a premier venue for honing your marksmanship skills. The range offers an enthralling experience in a controlled and safe environment, complete with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced personnel. Whether you’re seeking to learn the foundational principles of firearm safety, or striving to master advanced shooting techniques, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the unique offerings at Salt Lake City Gun Range.

Shooting Stance and Grip

Mastering the correct shooting stance and grip is fundamental to accurate marksmanship. At Salt Lake City Gun Range, beginners are taught the two predominant stances: the Isosceles and the Weaver stance. The Isosceles, characterized by feet shoulder-width apart and arms stretched to form an isosceles triangle, emphasizes stability. The Weaver stance, on the other hand, involves a more aggressive posture, with the non-dominant foot slightly forward, allowing for increased control and mobility.

When it comes to grip, the emphasis is on a firm yet relaxed hold, ensuring the gun is an extension of the hand and arm. This helps with managing recoil and enables more accurate follow-up shots. Remember, a proper grip is crucial to controlling and directing the firearm safely and effectively.

Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

Sight alignment and sight picture are key factors in achieving precise and accurate shots. Sight alignment involves the proper positioning of the firearm’s front and rear sights. The top of the front sight should be level with the top of the rear sight, with equal light gaps on either side.

Sight picture extends the concept of sight alignment to include the target. It is the process of superimposing the aligned sights onto the target. At the Salt Lake City Gun Range, new shooters learn the importance of focusing on the front sight. This technique ensures the sights stay aligned throughout the shot, despite the target appearing slightly blurry. Maintaining consistent sight alignment and sight picture is essential for improving accuracy and confidence in your shooting ability.

Trigger Control

Trigger control is another critical aspect of accurate shooting that is extensively taught at the Salt Lake City Gun Range. It refers to how a shooter squeezes the trigger to discharge a round without disturbing the sight alignment and sight picture. The key to good trigger control is a smooth, consistent pull with the pad of your index finger, enabling the firearm to remain steady throughout the shooting process. It’s important to remember that the trigger should be squeezed gradually, not jerked or pulled, as this could lead to off-target shots. For many, mastering trigger control is a process of building muscle memory through consistent practice. At the Salt Lake City Gun Range, professional instructors provide detailed, individualized guidance, ensuring every shooter can develop this crucial skill and shoot with increased precision.

Breathing Techniques

Proper breathing techniques are an often overlooked but integral part of accurate shooting. Just as in many sports and activities, controlling your breath can significantly influence your performance at the range. At Salt Lake City Gun Range, shooters are taught to follow a basic four-step breathing cycle: inhale, hold, exhale, and hold.

The trick lies in the timing. Ideally, the trigger should be squeezed during the natural respiratory pause that occurs after exhalation, when your body is typically most relaxed. This method helps to minimize body movement, ensuring steadier aim and more precise shots. Understanding and implementing these breathing techniques can greatly enhance your overall shooting experience and promote a calm, focused mindset while shooting.

Shooting Drills and Exercises

At Salt Lake City Gun Range, shooting drills and exercises form an essential part of the training curriculum. These drills are designed to enhance accuracy, speed, and overall firearm handling skills. For beginners, dry fire exercises are a common starting point. These drills involve practicing the fundamentals of shooting without live ammunition, allowing new shooters to familiarize themselves with the firearm and their technique. As shooters advance, they can partake in dynamic drills such as the “El Presidente.” This drill tests shooters on their ability to draw their firearms, acquire targets, and reload under time pressure. For precision shooting, exercises like the “Dot Torture Drill” are introduced. This drill requires shooting at a series of small circles, honing precision and trigger control. The integration of various drills and exercises in the training program ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded shooting experience for all attendees.


In conclusion, the Salt Lake City Gun Range offers a comprehensive shooting experience encompassing all the necessary skills and techniques for effective marksmanship. The range provides a safe, supportive, and state-of-the-art environment where both beginners and experienced shooters can hone their abilities. From mastering the basics of stance and grip to advanced drills and exercises, every aspect of the training is designed to build confidence, precision, and safety. Whether your goal is to learn new skills, improve existing ones, or simply enjoy a day at the range, Salt Lake City Gun Range is the go-to place for all your shooting needs. Enjoy the exhilarating thrill of marksmanship and take the first steps towards becoming a skilled and confident shooter.

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